I'm currently teaching the following courses on the Saint George campus at the University of Toronto. Students enrolled in these courses should check the course webpage on Quercus for more information.

  • PHL489: Socrates Project Seminar (AY 2020-2021) [syllabus, updated 10/12/2021]

  • PHL100: Introduction to Philosophy (historical, co-teaching with Peter King) [syllabus]

  • PHL271: Law and Morality [syllabus]

Here are some courses I've taught or TAed for in the past:

As Course Instructor

  • Law and Morality (winter 2021)

  • Introduction to Philosophy (thematic) (2017, 2018)

As Tutorial Leader

  • Introduction to Ethics (fall 2019)

  • Bioethics (fall 2018)

  • Introduction to Philosophy (2015-2016)

  • Reason and Truth (fall 2013)

As Grader

  • Ethics, Genetics, and Reproduction (winter 2020)

  • Philosophy of Human Sexuality (winter 2019)

  • Critical Reasoning (winter 2015)

  • Issues in Epistemology (fall 2014)

  • Proseminar in Continental Philosophy (fall 2014)