I am a lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Toronto.

My area of specialization is epistemology. I am interested in the nature of epistemic normativity, including issues related to permissivism, the possibility of rationally changing one's perspective, and the relationship of epistemic rationality to practical rationality.

I received my PhD from the University of Toronto in 2020. In my dissertation, I argue for unacknowledged permissivism, the view that a single body of evidence sometimes rationalizes incompatible doxastic attitudes towards a proposition (i.e., 'permissive cases' are possible), but that a subject can never rationally believe that she is in such a case.

I have also written on the evolutionary function of human reason, and how recent research in psychology bears on contextualism about knowledge attributions.

Before arriving in Toronto, I completed an MA in philosophy at Northern Illinois University (2013), and an AB in philosophy at Princeton University (2010).

In my spare time I like to bake sourdough bread.